Rotary Slasher

Rotary Slasher Specification
No of Blades 3
Working Width 150 cm
Overall Width 175cm
Tractor Compatibility 50 HP

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A rotary slasher is a very sturdy tractor-mounted farm implement that can easily slash pasture toppings, chop tall weeds or grass lengthening up to 25 mm. This farm implement is both economical and productive, which is why it has become the farmers’ favorite. Being outlined with a heavy-duty box, this farm implement can cater very well to the needs of removal of unwanted grass and growing debris. With its sharp and rough rotator blades, thick lawn bushes can be slashed down within seconds.


Prominent Features

  • Is verified under ISO 9001 verification.
  • Of high export quality.
  • Affordable and high yielding.
  • Increases tractor credibility.
  • The sturdy and sharp rotator blades ease the cutting of shrubs, weeds, and even wild grasslands.
  • A great variety of heights can be slashed down.
  • Essential Mozambican crops including maize, barley, etc. can be chopped down pretty quickly.
  • Being equipped with a strong frame provides the necessary strength to withstand heavy-duty operations.


Technical Features

  • The approximate calculated weight is 190 Kg.
  • Total 3 rotator blades are present.
  • Centre mounting type is available.
  • The total width is estimated to be 175 cm.
  • 50 Hp t0 85 Hp of power source required for tractor compatibility.


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