Cotton Ridger

Cotton Ridger Specification
Power Source 60-70 HP Tractors.
No. of Tines 9 Nos.
Type Hydraulic
Overall Length 90 inch
Overall Height 43 inch
Overall Width 36 inch
Overall Length (max) 80 inch

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A cotton ridger is a tractor-mounted farm implement used for multiple farming uses by Mozambican farmers. Ideally, for ridging cotton, maize, sugarcane, etc. cotton ridgers can be used as an inter-row cultivator ridger. The two discs of a cotton ridger enhance the performance of a cotton ridger, especially in the fields of Mozambique. The farmers of Mozambique, use this farm implement for escalating the soil level through repeated tilling. In the cotton fields, farmers make use of cotton ridger to prevent water consumption.


Prominent Features

  • Export quality material.
  • Is verified under ISO 9001 verification.
  • The soil production is continual.
  • Economical and multi-purpose.
  • User-friendly, anti-corrosive and adjustable.
  • The performance of the tractor is enhanced greatly.


Technical Features

  • 60 Hp is the required power source for tractor compatibility.
  • Of 9 tines.
  • Overall height and overall lengths are 43 inches and 90 inches respectively.
  • Tines depths and row spacing are adjustable.
  • The overall width is 36 inches. owns a diversely productive farm inventory, with tremendously working farm tractors and farm implements that have become an everyday necessity for Mozambican farmers. Simplifying farming procedures, and deducing greater output is what we, at Tractors Mozambique have earnestly desired, via a wide variety of export quality farm implements for sale in Mozambique. Affordable and durable cotton ridgers are just a click away, get yours by simply getting in touch with our skilled sales team, exclusively at tractors Mozambique.