Chisel Plough

Chisel Plough Specification
No Of Tines 2-5
Total Width 1570 mm
Linkage Capacity: I &II
Max Working Depth: 22-25cm
Weight: 225-360Kg.
Tractor Compatibility: 50HP Onwards

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A chisel plough is a very famous farm implement among Mozambican farmers, which is used to rip the soil apart through its double-ended shoves. Before regular ploughing, for loosening the hard soil, chisel ploughs are extensively used. A chisel plough can also be used for shattering plough soles by Mozambican farmers. A chisel plough despite churning and mixing the soil prevents the inversion of it. In a number of cultivation and tilling procedures, a chisel plough can be of excellent use and is therefore available at Tractors Mozambique exclusively. The chisel plough’s soil loosening impact helps improve soil fertility.


Prominent Features

  • Soil is loosened with ease.
  • This farm implement helps in breaking the hard pan.
  • The tilling depth attained is 20 inches.
  • Especially in the rainy season, the soil is tilled perfectly.
  • Prevents chances of soil compaction.
  • Soil crust formation can be blocked with ease.
  • Chances to prevent soil erosion are also minimized greatly.


Technical Features

  • 50 HP to 85 HP is the required power source for tractor compatibility.
  • The optimum weight is 225 – 360 Kg.
  • The frame is made up of a heavy steel box of a V shape.
  • Tines are easily replaceable in 3 to 5 quantities.
  • I and II are the linage capacities measured. is a reliable and knowledgeable tractor dealer, operating in Mozambique for many decades. To make farming easier and simpler, genuine and reliable agricultural machinery is of crucial consideration. Keeping in mind the current condition of Mozambican farmers, Tractors Mozambique offers a productive line of genuine and competitive farm products that are not only pocket friendly but have seen to yield terrific farming results within a fraction of time. To get your chisel plough for maximizing your tillage efforts, contact our sales team and get the best-quoted prices exclusively from Tractors Mozambique.