Offset Disc Harrows

Offset Disc Harrow Specification
Weight of approx.: 450 Kgs to 800 Kgs
Working width: 55 – 75 inches depending on the size of harrow
Tractor compatibility is min 50 HP

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Offset disc harrow is a tractor-mounted farm implement, consisting of metal-shaped concave cutting edges, tilling the soil before planting newer crop generation. The discs of the harrow may be scalloped however obliquely set. Mozambican farmers use offset disc harrows for several farming functions including chopping off unwanted grass or weeds growing. Despite being mighty, these can be easily attached or detached to be compatible tractors. Offset disc harrows do not suck up the water after abolishing the soil which is to be planted, on the contrary, allow the water to retain throughout for nurturing a better yield.


Prominent Features

  • Efficient for tilling in sandy soil.
  • Economical and durable.
  • Boron steel disc of great quality used.
  • Low maintenance cost and result-driven farm implement.
  • Angle adjustment is pretty easy.
  • The attached and tailed positions may be different.


Technical Features

  • 75 Hp to 85 Hp of power source is required for tractor compatibility.
  • Spacing between discs is 228/9”.
  • Approximate weight 685 to 770 Kg.
  • The optimal disc size is 24 inches.
  • The estimated working width is 55 to 75 inches. is an acknowledgeable tractor dealer, working in Mozambique for many years. Being the supplier of authentic tractors and farm implements, we believe in the mechanization of farming methods. The extensive range of farm implements for sale in Mozambique will provide you with a vast variety of farming tools to rely on for furnishing your farming need. You can get the best price quote for the choice of genuine farm implements including offset disc harrows, maize shellers and many more.