Wheat / Rice Reaper

Cutting Width 7.5Ft
No of Blades 29
Weight with Kit 275Kgs
Maximum length 7.8 ft
Source of power up 25 hp
Cutting width 7.5 feet
Maximum Width 2.37ft
Maximum Height 2.37Ft

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Maintaining the quality of harvested grains was quite a task for the farmers of Mozambique but with the introduction of rice reapers, rice and wheat grains can be harvested on time and even the grain quality is preserved at the end. Rice or wheat reapers are among the most flexible and easily manipulated farm implements in Mozambique, which can even work fine in dry or wet conditions. We exclusively offer rice reapers at Tractors Mozambique, with a harvesting capacity of 0.4ha/h.


Prominent Features

  • Sharp and edge blades are essential in terms of cutting and harvesting.
  • Easy maintenance and easy operation.
  • Is compatible with a wide range of horse-powered tractors.
  • Crop separation can be achieved with ease.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Of high export quality.
  • Is verified under ISO 9001 verification.
  • Economical and multipurpose.


Technical Features

  • 50 Hp of power source is required for tractor compatibility.
  • 29 blades are present on the whole.
  • Maximum length, maximum width, and maximum height are 7.8 ft, 2.37 ft, and 2.37 ft respectively.
  • The overall cutting width is measured to be 7.5 ft.
  • The approximate gross weight is 275 Kg.


Tractors.co.mz constitute a great variety of farm implements and farm tractors for the deprived farmers of Mozambique. Using this type of farming resources, Mozambican farmers can reduce accessory expenses used on cattle management and labor management. Moreover, with our farm implements for sale in Mozambique, the allotted farming activities are accomplished within a fraction of the time thereby providing farmers with a sigh of relief. With our budget-friendly and skillful reapers, harvesting grains can be as quick as a wink. Henceforth, get the most affordable and top-of-the-line rice reapers for swift harvesting of grains.