Maize Sheller

Maize Sheller Specification
Operation: PTO Driven
Capacity: Upto 1ton/hr
Weight: Approx 200Kgs

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The separation of grains from cobs has been a torturous task for Mozambican farmers, but with shelling machines like maize shellers, this farming practice is a lot easier and more practical. Maize, corns, and other grained crops can be shelled using this farm implement in Mozambique. The main advantage of using maize shellers as the sole device for grain separation is that it restricts grain loss completely. Furthermore, the average grain output obtained is also much greater than through conventional shelling means.


Prominent Features

  • Separation of approximately 15 to 20 cobs within a minute thus 400 to 500 Kg of grains are obtained at the end of every hour.
  • Export quality material.
  • Verified under ISO 9001 verification.
  • 97% threshing rate is deduced.
  • Economical and low-cost maintenance.
  • User-friendly and durable.
  • Wholesome and unspoiled kernels are obtained.


Technical Features

  • Qualitative steel structure used.
  • Medium and large size availability.
  • PTO shaft is driven.
  • 50 Hp of power source is required for tractor compatibility.
  • 1500 Kg capacity recorded per hour.


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