Tine Tillers

Tine Tiller Specification
Frame Type Pipe Set and Z Type
Number of Tines 9,11 & 13
Linkage Category I & II
Working Depth 229 mm
Tine Spacing 229 mm to 254 mm
HP Compatibility 50 to 85 HP

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For the cultivation of a new generation of crops, new ground has to be broken ground. To break new ground, skillful and sturdy farm implement, like a tine tiller would be the best and most affordable farming tool. By means of breaking the ground, the soil is loosened and is able to take in as much oxygen to facilitate the growth of developing crops. This affordable tractor-mounted farm implement has numerous benefits to combat farming struggles which is the only reason behind its immense popularity.


Prominent Features

  • Is verified under ISO 9001 verification.
  • Of high export quality.
  • Economical and multipurpose.
  • Rugged, efficient, and results last for a longer time.
  • Hard soil is broken with ease.
  • Faster engine working capacity and highly preferable by Mozambican farmers.
  • Soil can be pulled without investing too much effort.
  • Adjustable tines.


Technical Features

  • 50 Hp to 85 Hp of power source required for tractor compatibility.
  • Linkage category of type I and II.
  • Total tines 9, 11, and 13.
  • The approximate working depth is measured to be 229 mm.
  • The estimated spacing distance is measured to be 229 mm to 254 mm.
  • The approximate weight measured is 209 Kg to 266 Kg.
  • Z Type and pipe set are the ideal frame type.


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