Ridger Specification
Overall width: 1778mm
Max Row Spacing: 711m
Clearance: 550mm
Weight: 150kgs
Tractor compatibility: 50HP +
Depth: 1050mm



Essential crops of Mozambique including wheat, barley, millet, sugarcane, etc. require furrow formation, which can be done via a tractor-mounted farm implement, known as a ridger. A ridger makes equivalent furrows to improve the flow of water reaching the roots of the growing plantation. Especially for row-planted crops, a ridger can do wonders. It enriches the water supply around the row planted crops by loosening and gathering the soil around them.


Prominent Features

  • Ridge building is easy as ever.
  • Categorized depending upon tractor horsepower range.
  • Is verified under ISO 9001 verification.
  • Of high export quality.
  • Tractor performance is improved.
  • Easy maintenance and easy handling.
  • Soil production is curated.


Technical Features

  • 150 Kg of overall weight.
  • 50 Hp or above of power source required for tractor compatibility.
  • 1050 mm is the required depth.
  • The estimated clearance is 550 mm.
  • Row spacing distance calculated is 711 m.
  • Weight: 150 Kg.
  • Approximate width.


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