New Holland Ghazi Tractor in Mozambique

Model / Type: New Holland Ghazi
Horse Power: 65hp
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Color : Orange



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The food supply and Mozambique’s GDP are both significantly influenced by agriculture. Therefore, it is essential to add more mechanization to the agricultural process. With the farming tools and machinery, we supply you can attain many benefits. Our equipment includes tractors, combine harvesters, farm implements, and accessories.



Why tractors in Mozambique can have an eminent effect


Tractors are helpful in carrying out multiple farm applications. The introduction of tractors altered how the land was handled and affected the crops that farmers grew. Farms expanded due to the improved efficiency tractors delivered as farmers could now manage more land. Farmers in Mozambique can utilize tractors to plough, plant, and cultivate crops along with many other tasks.


The tractor brands we offer are Massey Ferguson, New Holland, and Massive tractors. Our tractor company in Mozambique has a variety of sizes to accommodate different farm needs. To be more economical for our farmers, we have to brand new tractors for sale of great quality. Trust us and find yourself the right equipment.



To achieve reliability and innovation get New Holland in Mozambique


New Holland is a globally known full-line agricultural machinery manufacturer that has been operating successfully for 125 years. Providing farmers all over the world with industry-leading products concentrated on innovation, sustainability, and great cost-effectiveness is the New Hollands’ primary goal. Our New Holland dealers in Mozambique are here to deliver you tractors for both, large and small farms.


The tractors we are currently selling contain NH 480S, NH 640, NH 70-56, NH Dabung, and NH Ghazi. The ruggedness and dependability of these tractors are the reason our tractor dealers in Mozambique offer them so don’t miss out on the opportunity to find the Best New holland tractor for you. To provide further ease, we have New Holland for sale at unbelievably low prices.



Why the New Holland Ghazi tractor should be your next purchase


The NH Ghazi has the ability to tackle different duties efficiently due to its 65 HP 4-Stroke direct injection diesel engine and its strong sturdy structure. Its operating weight is 1,785 KG, its overall length is 3,046 mm, and its wheelbase is 1,953 mm. This tractor has a hydraulic transmission of 18 liters, a fuel tank of 54 liters, and engine oil of 8 liters.


Additionally, it has a dry-type dual plate clutch with separate controls and a gearbox with 10 constant mesh gears. For added performance and power, this tractor has SG Iron rear axle tubes. This tractor has 3 cylinders, rear hydraulic links, and 3-position halogen kind of headlamps. It also has a thermostat which enables the tractor to easily start in the coldest temperatures.


To give farmers maximum comfort, the NH Ghazi has an oil-immersed brake system and spring suspension deluxe seat. For added pleasant driving experience and little driver strain, it also incorporates hydrostatic power steering. What makes it popular, however, is the tractor’s fuel efficiency.


All of its qualities allow the tractor to work longer even in tough weather conditions such as high temperatures. It is also easy to work and maintain which makes it desirable. Our New Holland tractor dealers provide the NH Ghazi because it assists in cultivating the land, sowing, constructing farm roads and pavements, irrigation, restoration of soil, haulage, and moving goods.


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