Reconditioned MF-375 Tractor in Mozambique

Model / Type: Massey Ferguson MF 375
Horse Power: 75hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 4.1D
Colour: Red
Condition: Reconditioned


Get your farming chores sorted with us

Mozambican agriculture is all about vigorous farming operations, with farmers comprising huge farmlands that need severe attention. To help Mozambican farmers in overcoming numerous farming obstacles, Tractors Mozambique offers productive yet affordable farming solutions in the form of our reconditioned Massey Ferguson Tractors which have become the talk of the town. These tractors have dynamic power with resilient engines to nail off any agricultural task.

The Reconditioned MF-375 to make your lives easier

MF-375 for sale, is among our amazing Massey Ferguson Tractors, yielding 75HP and catering to multiple heavy-duty farming operations, including harvesting, mowing, threshing, etc. This tractor is unique and is considered to be the uppermost model of the brand. Due to its heavy structural body frame, it is extensively used and relied upon by African farmers for haulage purposes.

  • Engine

With a Perkins diesel 3.9L 4-cylinder engine, reconditioned MF-375 is all set to initiate your harvesting operations. Owing to its huge structure, the fuel tank capacity is around 107.9 L. Furthermore, with a 4-cylinder engine, the expected engine speed @ 540 live PTO rpm is around 1789 rpm. The engine is supported via a 12V 110 Ah battery.

  • Transmission

The most common type of transmission is integrated within this tractor model, i.e. sliding spur type, featuring 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. A cerametallic dual-clutch system along with a padded power steering is what makes the farming journey smooth and untangled.

Besides, wet disc oil-immersed brakes make this tractor model super easy to be immediately triggered.

Reconditioned tractors at Tractors Mozambique

Tractors Mozambique is known to have been trusted by Mozambican farmers. Our tractors for sale are guaranteed for long-term workability and henceforth are always free from unwanted claims. No matter whether our tractors are used, reconditioned, or brand new, their maintenance cost is extremely negligible.

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