Massive 390 4WD Tractor in Mozambique

Model / Type: Massive 390 4WD
Horse Power: 85hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 4.1D
Colour: Red
Condition: Brand New


Looking for a quality-oriented farm tractor that works tirelessly on your farms? Massive Tractors brings to you its exquisite range of farm tractors whose dynamic agricultural performance is witnessed by all.

Uniquely built and massive frame

Massive Tractors are one-of-a-kind farm tractors that are uniquely built and integrated with modern technology to cater to the farming needs of deprived farmers. These tractors are provided with hydraulic pumps and hydraulic cylinders, increasing their credibility manifolds. Besides, these are affordable and don’t require extravagant maintenance expenses, if maintained properly, thus making them budget-friendly in all aspects.

To make these farm tractors durable, quality steel is used, proving its stability even on the worst landscape. Their easy operations and easy accessibility are what make Massive Tractors the most favorable tractor brand among Mozambican farmers.

Stressless and fruitful

Tractors Mozambique offers a highly productive and economical range of farm tractors, identified as Massive Tractors. The Massive Tractors for sale in Mozambique, have simplified farming measures thus raising the standard of modern farming. The growth of essential primary crops of Mozambique has seen an increasing verge when the harvesting is done is through Massive Tractors. Moreover, with Massive Tractors, the quality of Mozambican crops is not compromised at all. In this way, Mozambican farmers can enjoy the advantage of increasing quality as well as quantity.

The Massive Tractor 390 4WD

The dynamic Massive Tractor 390 is exclusively available in the 4-wheel drive option in Tractors Mozambique. The Massive Tractor 390 is provided with an elite Perkins diesel engine, amping up the whole tractor prolifically. This tractor is the most coveted utility tractor and as such continued to be rolled from the production line for many years.

This tractor comprises 4 cylinders, cooled off with a liquid coolant while deducing a power output of 80 Hp. Within this multi-power Massive Tractor, you will find three transmission modes.

  • The sliding spur type of transmission requires 8 gears for moving forward and 2 gears to move backward.
  • Multi-power or partial shift transmission requires 12 gears for traveling forward and 4 gears for reversing.
  • The synchromesh transmission provides the tractor with 12 speeds to move ahead and 4-speed gears to move backward.

The ground clearance of the mighty 4WD tractor is measured to be 0.33 m which is slightly greater than its 2WD version. Having a median power source, a whole wide range of farm implements are compatible with this competitive tractor including front-end loaders, bowsers, etc. These farm implements can be attached to the front or back depending upon the nature. This tractor has been engineered with enough care to make sure it doesn’t emit harmful emissions detrimental to the cause of living.

Better late than never

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