Landscape Rakes

Operating Weight. 503 kg.
Length. 1608 mm.
Width. 1692 mm.
Height. 1026 mm.
Number of Teeth (Total) 384.
Working Width. 1524 mm.
Bucket Capacity. 0.34 m³

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A landscape rake, as the name implies, is a landscaping tractor attachment that is abundantly found on plenty of farms and lawns. A landscape rake is a multipurpose farming device that can be used by Mozambican farmers for ground leveling, quality improvement of expansive agricultural fields, and extending ground coverings. Subsequently, a landscape rake may also be used for unwanted debris or residual removal from the site of cultivation. This farm implement for sale in Mozambique has been proved very much efficient and thus is acknowledged as an everyday farm implement.


Prominent Features

  • Serves exemplary performance.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Multipurpose, anticorrosive, and anti-breakable.
  • Tines are replaceable.
  • Resistant and tough, made up of steel structure.
  • Economical.
  • Tine spacing can be adjusted.


Technical Features

  • The maximum bucket capacity is 340 Kg.
  • The Gross weight estimated is 503 Kg.
  • 50 Hp of power source is required for tractor compatibility.
  • 1524 mm is the optimum working width.
  • 384 tines are total.
  • Overall length and overall width are measured to be 1608 mm and 1692 mm respectively.


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