Kubota DC-70G Plus Combine Harvester

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-70G Plus
Horsepower: 69hp
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 85L
Body Weight: 3,150
Ability to Harvest: 85 or less by hooking in the fall direction

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When it comes to dependable and on-time delivery of large agricultural machinery like combine harvesters in Mozambique, no one does it better than Tractors Mozambique. These quality-focused combines are streamlining agricultural operations and redefining their future. Combine harvesters belonging to firms like Kubota are offered and sold by us. Kubota is a Japanese-based firm noted for its long-lasting products and exceptional quality. In order to keep labor and time expenses down, these harvesters are intended to operate over the edge. A variety of Kubota combines are available, including self-propelled, tracked, and attached to tractors. Tractors Mozambique, on the other hand, has a broad selection of monitored combines.

Combine harvesters for sale, such as the Kubota DC 70G Plus, have been modified with a sustainable and high-powered engine to provide a 70 horsepower range. There is a hydraulic mechanism in place so the combine may be quickly shifted into high gear. Hydraulic control of the combine’s reaper is another way to increase its efficiency. In order to keep the combine running for extended periods of time, the grain tank’s capacity is set at roughly 1000 kg. One to 1.25 acres of land may be worked in an hour at the most. This combine harvester is equipped with a safety switch that may activate the combine’s operations in the event of an emergency, protecting both the farmer and the vehicle. For starters, the Kubota DC 70G Plus uses a low amount of gasoline, requiring just 7.5 liters per hour.

The Kubota DC-70G Plus Combine harvester has performed a wide range of tasks to help Mozambican farmers improve their agricultural circumstances. They have been helping the agriculture sector to support the farming business for a long time. Wheat, maize, corn, soybeans, oats, and other agricultural crops may be harvested quickly and safely using this agricultural machinery when used correctly and on time. Mozambique’s economy relies heavily on these crops, which have been gathered.


Why do farmers use Combine Harvesters?

Wheat, barley, and rye are among the less-than-completely-edible crops. We eat the seeds at the top, which are generally referred to as grains. However, the seeds’ dry coats are inedible and must be thrown away. Threshing used to be a labor-intensive method used by farmers in the past to gather their products by hand. However, in the current day, technology and its applications have advanced significantly. In agriculture, this is becoming more and more common. Inventions such as the combine harvester, also known as the “combine,” have saved farmers money and time. Reaping, threshing, and winnowing are all combined into one process by this machine, as its name implies. This method of harvesting crops in a single operation saves time and money for farmers, which in turn enhances the farm’s productivity and makes the company more lucrative.

There is an increasing manpower shortage on farms, and combine harvesters may help alleviate this issue. Mozambique is suffering from a severe labor shortage as a result of the rapid rise in rural-to-urban migration. Farmers benefit from higher grain yields at reduced prices because of the increased productivity and efficiency of combine harvesters. Combines may be utilized on a variety of surfaces, including wet and dry. For water-submerged fields, they may be outfitted with rails. By just changing the header, they may be utilized in hilly areas as well. The Super-Straw Management System eliminates chaff and straw from fields using a specific system that may be installed.

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