Kubota DC-93G Combine Harvester

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-93G
Horsepower: 93hp
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 120L
Cutting width (mm): 2182
Body Weight: 3,875



The DC-93G has a 93 HP engine and a maximum speed of 2.1 m/s, allowing it to move more quickly across paddy fields, resulting in a considerable increase in productivity. A broader reaping width (2.18 m) minimizes the number of rounds necessary and the damage to paddy fields while boosting the pace of operation and improving the working rate by around 20 percent compared to the previous DC-70 Plus version. Reduce ground contact pressure by using DC-93 G Combine harvester fitted with broad crawlers. It is also possible to harvest in muddy fields thanks to high-lug crawlers, which prevent slippage and sinking even on poorly-drained rice fields.

The field and weather conditions are the two most important factors to consider before beginning the harvesting process, thus selecting a combine harvester capable of adapting to any field condition is essential. In response to these problems, Kubota created the DC-93G Combine Harvester. It is possible for the DC-93G to perform effectively even in poorly-drained paddy fields up to 400 mm deep and harvest fallen rice successfully because of its excellent mud flow characteristic.


Advantages of DC- 93G

In fields with poor drainage, the improved mud flow feature of the Combine harvester DC-93G allows it to perform effectively even in 400-mm-deep fields and efficiently collect falling rice grains. To ensure continuous harvesting, this combine harvester includes a larger storage tank with a capacity of 1800 liters. Farmers can harvest for longer periods of time since the fuel tank holds up to 120 liters of gasoline. For rapid harvest cleaning, a dust suction blower is also installed in the combine.


DC-93G Price

Fuel efficiency is a major factor when it comes to combine harvester pricing in Mozambique. According to the usual rule of thumb, a smaller crop will cost less than a larger one. In Mozambique, a Kubota DC-93 G combine harvester costs between $32,000 and $36,000. If you have to send the tractor to another nation, you will not have to pay any extra taxes. Kubota combine harvesters are available from Tractors Mozambique in several horsepower and capacity variants.


Kubota Combine Harvester in Mozambique

It is a labor-intensive job in the agriculture business to harvest rice. Kubota’s harvesting mechanization skills have made it an industry authority and a thinking leader. Farmers benefit from Kubota combine harvesters in two ways: they become more profitable and their operations last longer. When using combine harvesters, you will find two-grain platforms, which will assist you to save grain and make it simpler to separate it from its stalks. It is possible to monitor the number of times rice panicles fall from the sky in Mozambique with the use of combine harvesters. Farmers in Mozambique have nothing to worry about when it comes to counting on Kubota combination harvester. Kubota harvesters that may be bought from Tractors Mozambique surpass other models because of their ability to operate on agricultural terrain.


Why do farmers trust Tractors Mozambique to buy agricultural machinery?

Agricultural machinery and combine harvesters from Tractors Mozambique are not only affordable, but they also need minimal maintenance and repair. Our standard-grade combine harvesters are one-time purchases that deliver years of dependable service for a single investment. This might be an alternative for a firm providing sugar estate equipment services in order to decrease harvest losses and shorten harvest periods in general. Combine harvesters can cut harvest durations from three days in a one-hectare paddy field to only three hours.

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