Kubota DC-70 Plus Combine Harvester in Mozambique

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-70 Plus
Horsepower: 69
Fuel Capacity: 85L
Min. Ground Clearance: 325mm
Cutting Width (mm): 2075
Body Weight: 3,000
Ability to Harvest: 85 or less by hooking in the fall direction

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Combine harvesters are changing the game of agriculture

For many years, farming required excessive manual labor but this is changing with the introduction of mechanization. Combine harvesters are here to replace the effort of manpower and make farmers’ lives easier. Other combine harvester advantages include cleaner grains, reduced time consumption, crop loss, stress, and costs.


The outstanding uses of a Combine Harvester

Combine harvester uses are numerous. This is a multipurpose harvesting machine that can reap, thresh, gather, clean, and winnow. All around, a combine harvester helps farmers to finish the hardest and most extensive labor of harvesting in the shortest time while having comfort in the air-conditioned cabin. This enables the protection of farmers by reducing crop loss.

Parts of combine harvester and their functions may seem complex to understand but are easy to use and maintain. The 21 parts of the combine harvester allow for this machine to carry out multiple farming tasks. To get a better understanding, there are two types of combine harvesters. The two contain a control combine harvester and a self-propelled combine harvester.


Kubota has the answers to all your problems

Kubota offers solutions in the vitally important fields of food, water, and the environment utilizing a vast range of goods and technologies. From designing agricultural equipment that satisfies farmers’ demands to the production, processing, and consumption of farming goods, Kubota is here to provide support at each and every stage.

Kubota combine harvesters have been aiding the harvesting of farmers all around the world for more than fifty years. These combine harvesters are not only quick but also accurate. Because of these qualities, customers gain more profits and longevity. We supply various Kubota harvesters such as the DC-105X, DC-105X CABIN, DC-35, DC-70 PLUS, DC-70G PLUS, DC-70G PLUS CABIN, DC-93, DC-93G, and DC-93G CABIN.


We offer economical prices

The price of combine harvester can be steep but because of its profitability, this machine is beneficial to acquire. To be more economical for our customers we have a variety of combine harvesters for sale at great prices. These combines for sale are of great quality as we work with integrity and customer satisfaction in mind.


Work efficiently with the DC-70 Plus

The DC-70 plus has a turbocharged diesel engine with direct injection and 70 horsepower. The length of this machine is 4800 mm, the width is 2245 mm, the height is 2800 mm, and the weight is 3000 kg. It has a maximum engine rotation of 2700 along with an HST speed shift system. The hydraulic transmission lever allows a better position of the breaker switch and thus there is an easy operation.

This combine harvester in Mozambique is exceedingly advantageous for farmers because of its power steering and smooth brake system allowing both comfort and convenience. It has many notable features including its harvesting speed being up to 1.85 m/s which enhances productivity and capability. Because of its structured cutting arm and rear tension roller, there is high durability.


Immense fuel economy

The DC 70 plus is known for its fuel efficiency; this makes it attractive because it only consumes about 8-9 liters of fuel per acre. It also has a sizable grain tank which helps operators to work for longer hours before having to empty the tank. This Kubota harvester also has a fuel tank capacity of 85 liters and a minimum ground clearance of 325 mm.

Threshing is made easier with this harvester’s wide diameter. Cleaner threshing is also attained due to its cylinder and big concaves. Improved maneuverability and production are achieved with sufficient wheelbase and high ground clearance. Overall, this Kubota combine harvester displays impressive performance and productivity despite rough conditions.

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