Reconditioned MF-385 Tractor in Mozambique

Model / Type: Massey Ferguson MF 385
Horse Power: 85hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 4.1D
Condition: Reconditioned


Need to be geared up for the seasonal harvest yet worried about a restricted budget? Tractors Mozambique has got an affordable solution for you.

Modern solutions to modern problems

With the lack of resources, Mozambican agriculture is unable to fulfill the needs of a growing population. The lack of finances further exacerbates this cause, leading to catastrophic economic consequences. To counter this, Tractors Mozambique offers the most productive line of reconditioned tractors, particularly reconditioned Massey Ferguson Tractors, and helps Mozambican farmers speed up their harvesting operations and ensure a timely and wholesome harvest.

Reconditioned tractors benefits

A reconditioned tractor can deliver similar agricultural or industrial performance affordably as that of a brand-new tractor since it has been worked upon thoroughly for the sustenance of its workability and performance credibility. Furthermore, reconditioned tractors, being available at subsidized rates, remain unaffected by the initial devaluation drop.

The massive MF-385

MF-385 is a top-of-the-line farm tractor, satisfying consumers since the time it first rolled out of manufacturing units. This tractor is an all-purpose farm tractor, used by Mozambican farmers for tilling, plowing, cultivation, and harvesting operations.

  • Engine

The Perkins diesel 4.41-cylinder engine is what makes this tractor innovative and long-lived. The engine produced torque at 1400 rpm is around 291 Nm. This tractor can be attached to all those farm implements having 85 hp compatibility. The weight of this extremely dynamic tractor is measured to be 2,440 kg. For regulating the heat produced, a thermostat and liquid coolant are fully operational.

  • Transmission

The hydrostatic power steering, cerametallic dual-clutch, and hydraulically actuated wet disc brakes contribute to an effortless off-road transmission. The 108 L fuel tank is enough to supply fuel for long farming journeys. The reconditioned MF-385 for sale is equipped with 8 gears to move ahead and 2 gears to revert, composing the most common transmission type, i.e. sliding spur type.

With our reconditioned tractors on the field, we’re sure all your farming chores are sorted!