New Holland 480S Tractor in Mozambique

Model / Type: New Holland 480S
Horse Power: 55hp
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Color : Orange

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Mozambique, like many other African and third-world nations, is looking for methods to enhance agricultural output via the use of technology and modern farming practices to meet the demands of an expanding population and rising export demand. Harvesters, tractors and other agricultural machinery are used in these methods. Agricultural tractors and other such agricultural machinery may help Mozambican agriculture expand and bring in better yields. Having an extensive tractor inventory and an array of tools for sale is a need for any Mozambican farmer looking to get the greatest potential outcomes and productivity from their property.



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Tractors Mozambique is one of Mozambique’s most recognized New Holland tractor dealers. We have a complete variety of New Holland tractors and other farm implements for sale. It is the largest exporter and one of Mozambique’s most major New Holland tractor dealers. A wide variety of farm implements in Mozambique is available for purchase from our company. We also have Massey Ferguson tractors available for sale at very reasonable prices in Mozambique.



Superb Build Quality of New Holland,480S


New Holland 480S is the best and highly economical farm tractor in the 50 HP range. It is a brilliant performance farm tractor with a 3-cylinder diesel engine. The farm tractor New Holland 480S is very strong and robust due to its robust structure and is highly compatible with Mozambican agriculture farming conditions and environment. New Holland 480S tractor is available in power steering which reduces driver fatigue. It is a very versatile farm tractor, capable of performing multiple agriculture farming activities and is capable of working in harsh and tough soils, ideal for Mozambique’s agriculture. Having a spring suspension deluxe seat for maximum comfort and the best driving experience, it is easily maneuverable due to its compact structure. Its easy access to service points makes it easy to maintain. New Holland 480S is a fuel-efficient and low-cost agriculture farm tractor. The farm tractor New Holland 480S is very easy to operate.



How the use of New Holland 480S tractor is useful?


Tractors Mozambique is the largest dealer of the New Holland 480S Tractor and other such popular tractors in Mozambique, specializing in farm tractor sales all around Mozambique. Due to its inexpensive cost and high-quality performance, the New Holland 480S Tractor is in extremely high demand in Mozambique. The New Holland 480S Tractor is a versatile farm tractor that can be used for a variety of tasks, including preparing the soil for cultivation, transporting commodities, planting crops, and water irrigation, among others. Because of its compatibility with Mozambique’s agricultural environment and soil, the New Holland 480S Tractor is an excellent choice for agriculture farming in Mozambique.


We encourage new and young farmers to opt for this wondrous farm tractor to kickstart their agriculture farming journey. The New Holland 480S is affordable and a complete package for new and young farmers so they can complete all required tasks efficiently and effectively.


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