Fodder Cutter

No. of Discs : 2 or 2
No. of Knifes : 6 or 6
Working Width : 1250 mm or 1650 mm
Tractor HP (PTO) :  540 rpm  or  540 rpm
Tractor HP  : Above 50 HP or  Above 50 HP
Weight  : 180 kg  or  375 kg

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Everyday farm implements include fodder cutters that are persistently used by the Mozambican farmers for fodder preparation to feed the farming livestock. Farmers of Mozambique and beyond have equipped themselves with the tremendous variety of farm implements available at Tractors Mozambique to become self-sustainable in most farming operations. Our farm implements for sale, not only assist the Mozambican farmers in elevating their standards of living but also provide several employment opportunities regarding farming and cultivation.


Prominent Features

  • Swift and efficient.
  • Feed cost is minimized as is prepared by the farmers themselves.
  • Economical and user-friendly.
  • Can chop multiple crops while reducing the wastage ratio.
  • The quality of forage is greatly improved.
  • The qualitatively improved forage can be digested easily by the herd.
  • Multipurpose.
  • Export quality material.
  • Is verified under ISO 9001 verification.


Technical Features

  • 6 knives and 2 discs.
  • The maximum weight calculated is 375 Kg.
  • 50 Hp is the required power source for tractor compatibility. provides eminent farming solutions to the ever-strangling and deprived farmers of Mozambique. We aim to provide the Mozambican farmers with everyday farming solutions at their tips to prevent their encounter with the hurdles obstructing their farming operations. Fodder cutters and many other genuine and authentic farm implements, which are either categorized as stand-alone or tractor-mounted farm implements can be easily delivered to your doorstep within the promised time. So, get yours before it gets too late.