Kubota DC-105X Cabin Combine Harvester in Mozambique

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-105X Cabin
Horsepower: 105hp
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 105L
Grain Tank Capacity: 2,350L
Body Weight: 4,750

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We have the machine to elevate your fieldwork

A combine harvester is a multipurpose machine that carries out harvesting tasks such as reaping, threshing, gathering, and winnowing. In addition, it cuts and cleans grain and some non-grain crops. A Combine harvester’s uses include its ability to collect straw which can be utilized as feed or bedding. There are two types of combine harvester, the first is the control combine harvester and the second is the self-propelled one.


The countless benefits of a high-quality Combine Harvester

A Combine harvester’s advantages are countless, starting with the reduced need for labor. The parts of combine harvester and their functions allow the machine to perform various operations which deduct the need for manpower and hence its costs. Other benefits are lower time consumption and effort needed from the farmers. The overall efficiency increases with this machine as it produces cleaner grains, reduced crop loss, and preservation of the quality of the crop.


Price of our Combine Harvesters

A Combine harvester’s price in Mozambique may seem high but with our assistance, you can find yourself a combine harvester that suits your needs while being economical. We have various combines for sale which allows us to be more cost-effective and make our customers feel at ease. The price of a combine harvester is a payment for long-term gain and so is worth the investment.


If you want the best in the market, get Kubota.

Kubota is a Japanese multinational corporation that produces agricultural machinery and has given many innovative solutions to improve the overall farming process. Kubota combine harvesters are exceedingly popular and rightfully so. The first word that comes to mind when talking about Kubota combines is their reliability.

Kubota has assisted farmers all around the world, especially in rice farming, reducing labor and bringing more productivity. These combines are also known for their permanence which is a great quality to have. The Kubota combine harvesters we offer are DC-105X, DC-105X CABIN, DC-35, DC-70 PLUS, DC-70G PLUS, DC-70G PLUS CABIN, DC-93, DC-93G, and DC-93G CABIN.


With a high-yielding engine, we have the DC-105X Cabin

The DC-105X Cabin is equipped with a powerful diesel engine that has 105 horsepower enabling regeneration and lowered crop loss. This combine also has durability, comfort, and value with its seven rollers, spacious cabin, and reel set hydraulic system. The fuel capacity of this combine is 105 liters and the storage tank capacity is 1400 kilograms. With a larger fuel tank and grain tank, the combine is able to work for longer periods without having to be filled repeatedly.

This Kubota Combine harvester has a weight of 4,750, a total length of 5,640 mm, a total width of 3,050 mm, and a total height of 2800 mm. It has an air-conditioned cabin which assists in keeping its operator fresh in a cool condition when the temperatures are high. Moreover, this combine has a ground contact length of 1900 mm, blade width of 2760 mm, thresh shaft rotation of 550 RPM, and six sieves. With a wide threshing diameter cylinder, effective separation and increased quality threshing occur.

This combine harvester in Mozambique is beneficial because of its many qualities including the harvesting width being increased from 2.53 m to 2.76 m. This leads to productive operations because more yields are grown in relatively less time. This Kubota harvester also has wider and lengthier tracks leading to greater execution even in rougher fields without causing damage to the land. It has a Center Direct Injection (CDIS) technology that drives the engine to run for prolonged periods of time without refilling while also boosting fuel economy and power. With this combine, the list of perks continues, so don’t hesitate and avail them.


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