Zero Tillage Planter

Zerotillage Planter Specification
Row Spacing 10”
No of Rows 9 -13
Linkage 3 Pt
Weight Approx. 400KGS
Seeds able to plant Rice, cotton, maize, millet, sorghum

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Zero tillage planters are characterized as new planters, whose handling and simultaneous maintenance are easy, consume less water, and promote dry seeding of rice-like crops greatly. A zero tillage planter in Mozambique often escalates the planting efficiency of the newer crop generation. While using this farm implement, the soil isn’t tilled completely by means of no-till seeding drills. Slot trenches are created at a certain soil depth to obtain the approximate seed coverage. In this way, farmers can save up the expense of soil tilling. These farm implements are quite a in demand lately as they maintain the temperature of the soil surrounding seeds while being easy on fuel.


Prominent Features

  • Can be doubled significantly as a fertilizer spreader.
  • Water consumption can be reduced by 25% with the help of a zero-tillage strategy.
  • Dry seeding is enhanced.
  • Economical and improves soil quality.
  • Fuel and labor expenses are mitigated.
  • Handling and maintenance require a negligible cost.
  • Economic gains and biological activity is encouraged.
  • Soil erosion and soil compaction are reduced.
  • Of high export quality.
  • Is verified under ISO 9001 verification.
  • Economical and multipurpose.


Technical Features

  • 50 Hp of power source is required for tractor compatibility.
  • A total of 19 seed pipes.
  • Row spacing of up to 10 inches.
  • Adjustable row spacing.
  • 3 feet 3 inches is the measured width.
  • 7 feet 3 inches is the measured length.
  • 9 and 11 are the number of available tines. offers the best set of farm implements in Mozambique. At Tractors Mozambique, we do not compromise on the quality of agricultural machinery rather we provide result-driven farm implements within the affordable bracket, suiting every pocket. Keeping in mind the agricultural resistances that the Mozambican farmers had to face, we provide aggregated farming solutions focusing on a wide array of farming problems. Get the most productive and high-yielding farm implements, including zero-tillage planters at exciting prices, available only at Tractors Mozambique.