Massey Ferguson MF-360 60hp Tractor in Mozambique

Model / Type: Massey Ferguson MF 360
Horse Power: 60hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 2.5D
Condition: Brand New


Hydraulic Position Control
High P.T.O Power Spring Suspension
Deluxe Seat,


There are a few things to bear in mind while assessing the overall quality of a tractor. Massey Ferguson tractors for sale fall into the same category. Consider how long it will endure, how it will appear, how it is manufactured, and even the guarantee before making a decision. In addition to having the finest possible performance, you want a tractor that is not only productive but also reliable, efficient, and easy to use. One can form a judgment on Massey Ferguson tractors in Mozambique based on the information after working with numerous different models throughout the span of their manufacturing history. Massey Ferguson tractors in Mozambique are well-known for their high levels of quality, versatility, and dependability in a variety of environments. Tractors Mozambique is your ally in Mozambique, as we stock the most amazing agricultural equipment available for sale in the country.

Massey Ferguson MF-360 60 hp tractors feature

Farmer-friendly choices for Mozambican farmers are provided by Tractors Mozambique, including the Massey Ferguson MF 360 Tractor. The MF 360 also features six tools for tillage, including seedlings and transport, in addition to a variety of attachments. A 1.6-meter-wide cover crop, a 0.5-meter-wide disc plow, a two-tine ripper, a two-row seeder, a three-ton trailer, and a transport box are all included in this set of equipment. The range is continually being developed and expanded which makes Massey Ferguson MF-360 60 hp tractor a true marvel.

Advantages of buying the Massey Ferguson MF-360 60 hp tractor

The Massey Ferguson 360 Tractor is a modern farming tractor that is effectively a time-saving piece of equipment. It saves a lot of labor work and time which can be used in other agricultural farming activities in order to increase a farmer’s productivity. The farm tractor 360 is undoubtedly capable of working for extended periods of time without heating up, which proves how well-built and strong an engine it has.

Due to its highly powerful engine and great pulling power, the Massey Ferguson 360 tractor is an incredibly efficient tractor, with the ability to get more work done in less time and consume less energy. The working capacity of this farm tractor is spectacular for Mozambique’s agriculture. It will help farmers overcome any agriculture crises they may face due to a lack of mechanization.

Do we have farm implements for sale?

A wide range of farm implements in Mozambique, including sickles, ploughs, hoes, and drills, may be used in agricultural operations to boost production and efficiency. In order to cultivate their land, farmers have a vast range of equipment and instruments available. Agriculture is an industry that relies heavily on a wide variety of tools and equipment. Tractors Mozambique has all the farm implements available for sale in Mozambique.

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